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No installation required, unpack the downloaded zip file to a local folder, then double click vhelper.exe to run

Update Log

3.4.7 - 5/4/2019

  • Add mechanism to compare two VISSIM files side by side, highlighting the text difference and synchronized viewing (panning and zooming) of two networks
  • Add capability to take account of partial routings when calculating demand
  • Improve the displaying of demand volumes by allowing any combination of vehicle types, unlike previously only one single vehicle types or All is used
  • Improve the manipulation of lane closures, allow add/remove lane closures starting from left-most lane (-1)
  • Fix Create DCP starting distance is not working bug
  • Fix Freeway diagram Exit number partially hidden bug
  • Fix Calculate demand bug (when a routing decision on the same link but behind multiple routing decisions exactly at same distance)
  • Change the way to report Link Level speed using the formula total Volume/total Density if link evaluation per lane is ticked

3.4.6 - 11/17/2018

  • Add capability to open and save in VISSIM 11 format files - breaking changes:
    • links/link/geometry/points3D/point3D => linkPolyPts/linkPolyPoint
    • backgroundImages/backgroundImage/posBL =>coordBL, posTR => coordTR
  • Interactively show the shortest path between links under prevailing favor/penalty conditions and copy associated path (link/connector IDs)
  • Able to view Transit Stop & Transit Lines
  • Add function to filter link and connectors by names
  • Able to minimize side bar

3.4.5 - 9/15/2018

  • Add function to toggle level visibility under Utility tab in the sidebar
  • Add function to copy/move signal RBC files under Utility tab in the sidebar
  • Improve Travel Time diagram, add option to read travel time for specific vehicle types and free flow speed plot

3.4.4 - 9/2/2018

  • Zoom/Pan is set to be the same as in VISSIM now - scroll mouse wheel to zoom and middle mouse drag to pan, hold Ctrl key while scrolling is scrolling window (You can change this in the option). You still can pan by left mouse drag, or just hit left/right arrow keys.
  • Better presentation graphics for intersection diagram, to differentiate Node ID and delay etc.
  • In the auto generation of static routes, add option to force a link must be chosen for certain OD pairs
  • MOE window is not set as top-most anymore, in other words, if you open Options or Advanced Routing window, they can be on front/top. If you have dual monitor, you can move MOE window to the second monitor not to block the map window.
  • Route name is shown both in the Routes listing and Volume Details listing

3.4.3 - 6/24/2018

  • Add showing 95 percentile queue length from Node Evaluation or Queue Counter - user has to define percentiles in the Result Management and turn on Time Interval Aggregates
  • Default link label color changed to by Link type for better differentiation
  • Add viewing more network objects - Parking Lot & Detectors
  • Fix a displaying queue length bug introduced in 3.2 - not going upstream to full length
  • Add busy Indicator when loading volumes, open link evaluation/data collection results
  • Visualize OD Matrix from the Dynamic assignment - self contained OD matrices in the VISSIM file itself after version 9

3.4.2 - 6/17/2018

  • Add option not to show routings, links etc. in the sidebar, improve performance when the network is very large, like 300 MB
  • NLog Dll upgraded to 4.5.6 from version 2
  • Target .Net 4, remove deprecated BitmapEffect for selected network objects, use ShaderEffect

3.4.1 - 6/10/2018

  • Display Travel Time chart
  • Fix a bug - Freeway Diagram wrongly start where the first DCP is

3.4.0 - 6/3/2018

  • Import/Visualize Link Eval results, support per segment, per lane, per time period. Post/Colorize density,speed and throughput & one click to generate speed heatmap, support mouse hovering for more details
  • Import Travel Time results, able to highlight the current travel time section in map
  • Display warning without 'AVG' rows when reading MOE results (*.att)
  • Allow logging calculation steps to a file
  • Displaying Data Collection result (Speed & Throughput) in the Map directly
  • Data collection results for VISSIM 9 and later, read 'SPEEDAVGARITH(ALL)' and 'SPEEDAVGHARM(ALL)' in addition to 'SPEED(ALL)'
  • Improve the error message for the Node diagram when choosing Node Matrix option, spaces used not tab, wrong orientation etc.
  • Improve mouse left-click, won't allow to select the lane markings, able to select links under the Node Polygon
  • Improve the performance of calculating volume/speed
  • Improve the performance of reading large MOE files with multiple seeds - Read MOE files twice, first parse to determine the average seed exists or not, instead of bringing in everything
  • Open VISSIM File in the worker thread
  • Fix a bug - Left mouse click not able to de-select current network objects
  • Fix a bug - when initialed load, need click button twice to generate the freeway diagram or heatmap
  • Fix a bug sorting the downstream connectors when calculating demand volume
  • Fix a bug sometimes not displaying the last connector for the highlighted route
  • Fix a bug when showing arrow on connectors
  • Fix a bug open 5.4 VISSIM file when Data Collection Point is extremely close to the the link end
  • Expand DSD labels and tooltip content
  • Improve "parallel polyline" showing, for the sharp turn link/connectors
  • NavigationGraph allow parallel arcs, for the correct graph segment volume calculation on the internal connectors

3.3.0 - 5/13/2018

  • New shortcut Ctrl + B to toggle showing demand bandwidth
  • Improve intersection diagram, auto layout to show schematic view
  • Add viewing new Network object - Reduced Speed Area
  • Improve freeway diagram, demand stick diagram
  • Improve loading OD demand - better tooltip and message box for feedback, more robust code
  • Improve Options window
  • Make network objects the same VISSIM default coloring scheme, and allow customized label colors
  • Match VISSIM, no distance difference between inner and outer lanes on the curved links
  • Match VISSIM, network version 301 or later - for the routing start distance use full double precision, 15 or 16 digits
  • Fix a bug reading DSD in VISSIM 5.4 and earlier version
  • Set current row to red color for Routing/Error/Link List View

3.2.0 -2/25/2018

  • Add demand volume stick diagram for schematic view
  • Add function to import elevation (z coordinates) for all links through USGS web service
  • Improve speed heat map generation instructions
  • When load the OD demand, ignore the internal connectors (from/to the same link)
  • Fix a bug not saving routing when the original file has empty routing
  • Fix a bug saving link names have special characters such as en dash – and em dash —
  • Fix a bug drag dropped VISSIM file not showing in the recent file list
  • Add scroll bar to Options Window for small monitor size

3.1.0 - 1/7/2018

  • Add VAP features - VAPPad
  • Fix a bug not showing route fraction value
  • Add function to disable links by ID when loading specific OD pair demand
  • Add function to specify routing start/end distance by Link ID
  • Allow comments in the Route Find & Replace File
  • Improve check message box for Route Find & Replace File
  • Improve save double value - disallow scientific notation
  • Improve startup performance
  • Fix a bug calculating demand by segments - when the different connectors are at exact location

3.0.0 - 8/6/2017

  • Calculate demand volume based on segment [Graph mode - traditional Node-Link sense] instead of whole VISSIM link; able to do turn by turn volumes on grid network
  • Visualize Node Evaluation results such as queue/volume/delay etc. in the map
  • Display Intersection Diagram for volume/delay/queue - additional bells and whistles such as Sankey diagram for Volume, Gauge for Signal Delay with LOS
  • Zoom to Specific Links, Node, Queue Counter, Data Collection, Routing, Error View by double click the element etc.
  • Add viewing new network objects - vehicle inputs & Node polygon
  • Graphically show lane closures

2.9.1 - 2/18/2017

  • Last version to support reading old MOE output files (*.str, *.rsz, *.kna etc.)
  • Build speed contour heatmaps and freeway segments diagram from data collection results with a few clicks
  • Fix view elements (DCP, DSD, Routing) label bug & Add new element signal heads
  • Update creating DCP function - Add/Delete data collection measurement and save DCM to file as well
  • Fix save DCP bug, created but saved only if other DCPs exists
  • Update MOE window, remember user's inputs after close
  • Fix GetIFromDistance bug, sometimes the calculated distance at at the end is larger
  • Add check updates function
  • Update save file, VISSIM 8 Pack 1 and later version location coordinates (X, Y) full double precision, 15 or 16 digits, previously 6 decimals

2.8 - 12/11/2016

  • Update combine routings function for multiple time periods
  • Change Desired speed decision ID type to long from int32
  • Fix combine static routings bug
  • Update creating vehicle inputs & compositions functions for multiple time periods

2.7 - 5/28/2016

  • Update routes fractions, empty relFlow [relFlow=""] treated as 1 not 0
  • Read VISSIM MOE output files new format - (.att) files

2.6 - 4/16/2016

  • Display warning message box & Log them if importing vehicle inputs on non-existent Links
  • Add combine static routing function
  • Add creating vehicle inputs & compositions functions

2.5 - 2/21/2016

  • Expand creating routing functions - select multiple OD files at the same time & allow multiple time periods, specify routing start/end distance on the link

2.4 - 12/12/2015

  • Fix opening/saving VISSIM 8 bug